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Raisin Muscadet

Our estate is located in Vallet in the west of Loire Valley Wine 20 minutes from the city of Nantes and 1 hour from Atlantic Ocean.

Producing wine here is a tradition since the XVI century as this terroir was recognized for its good quality of soil and environment. 80% of the vines are planted on hills on siliceous-clay very stony but not very deep soil. All of our vine are Melon de Bourgogne, an iconic grape variety and typical from the appellation Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine.

To produce the best wine in the most natural way, we innovate everyday and apply our new techniques (bugs trap, plant decoction, natural citrus products…) taking into account our soil, climate and life on our land.

Our story

Domaine de la Fessardiere produces organic wine since 1997. Michel Sauvion the former winemaker made this choice in order to increase the quality of its Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine wine and work closer to nature. In 2014, Jérôme & Emeline met Michel Sauvion, who was eager to transfer all his knowhow and knowledge to this young new team. As wine lovers, Jérôme and Emeline were seduced by the wine and Michel’s knowhow and they choosed right away to keep producing wine following organic method. Then, they decided to value different part and typicity of the land and the winery through a new range of Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine wines.







Jérome Dumanois, Winemaker

Jérôme is an agronomist. He worked for 10 years in water and environment in France and abroad. He wants now to be part of the land is growing to help vines express their best and produce a healthy and tasty wine, with innovation and care.

Emeline Bergeron, Sales support

Emeline is an agronomist too. She worked for 10 years with NGO and agro management consulting company. Environment concerns and entrepreneurship brought Emeline to start this new adventure together with Jerome. Active for the wine making choices from harvest to aging, she’s often away to make people discover the wines in France and around the world. Emeline loves combining digital innovation and real life to get in touch here and there with the estate fan community.

Our values

Growing organic vines since 1997, we banned chemicals from our land and use more innovative and natural methods. It also means ploughing the soil according to traditional methods, fertilise with compost and carefully observe vines to prevent pest diseases (e.g. using bug traps), and use natural treatments when necessary copper, plants, clay…). Today all the wines from Domaine de la Fessardière are certified “organic wine” by Ecocert.