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La Mer qu’on voit danser

Terroir, wine-making process and tasting

L’air innocent


Terroir, wine-making process and tasting

Coup de foudre

Terroir, wine-making process and tasting

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Nice yellow colour, with green and silver touch, full of light, nice presentation. The smell is pleasant and give the willingness to taste, with typicity of the vines, including lemon smell and mineral smell, with iodic perfume and smoky touch. 

Pleasant taste, simple and efficient, with a round start, fruits and citrus taste, contributing to build up a dynamic wine. It then evolves into a nicely balanced wine, sincere, citrus-tasting and mineral. 

Dis Vins Editions La mer qu'on voit danser 85/100

Lemon zest, minerals and sharp pear on the nose. A mineral driven palate with bright citrus fruit of lemons, grapefruit, blood orange and tangerine. It has an elegantly balanced palate with the minerality and vibrant acidity you would expect. My first time trying this wine and I am pretty happy with it.

Bill Bucklew A propos de La mer qu'on voit danser

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90/100 since 2005



«Recommended» DECANTER World Wines Award 2011
Silver medal – Muscadet cuvée 2014 – 90/100 
DECANTER World Wines Award 2016


Gold medal 2011
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Gilbert et Gaillard – OR – Millesime 2014